Beyond training… FIKA

  • SKILLS essential for researchers
  • SPACE to reflect and apply new thought
  • LASTING IMPACT on your work

FIKA is a three-day course experience facilitated by internationally renowned academics, business leaders and speakers. Delivered to large groups but designed for significant individual impact.

The term FIKA originates from a Swedish concept describing a relaxed break from regular work with colleagues, usually accompanied by coffee and something sweet.

As our flagship course, FIKA achieves multiple learning outcomes: interrelated development areas mean added value of cumulative learning and an efficient use of researcher time and university resource.

  • Understand yourself and reflect on your current behavior
  • Develop resilience and sustain motivation
  • Build, lead and empower a quality team
  • Handle conflict and difficult conversations
  • Manage your priorities and workload
  • Know what future roles you are aiming towards and how to get there

Short-term and 3-month follow-up evaluations of the course evidence that the majority of participants have implemented learning from FIKA on multiple occasions, reflected on their learning, and shared their learning with colleagues.

We can also deliver a mini-FIKA one day course, replicating the ethos of FIKA and covering the core concepts.

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Authentic and engaging… a really remarkable course.
Interesting and talented presenters, interactive and creative.
Gave me a different perspective on my situation, and what steps I can take to achieve what I want in my career. FIKA motivated me to pursue my goals
It felt peaceful, with enough time to consider and think over what was being presented, but without being slow or boring
The best things for me were the diversity and completeness of the themes addressed in the program and how interestingly they connect and complement each other.

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