We are passionate about equipping and inspiring academics and business leaders to fulfill their potential. ARA courses are based on credible evidence and years of experience.

Our training material was delivered in five continents last year: across the globe we receive overwhelmingly positive feedback.

Whether you need a three hour face-to-face session in your office, a two day retreat in a manor or an online module, your training will be engaging, innovative and insightful. Click on the images below for more detail about what we offer.

Investment in training from ARA is always worthwhile. The researchers really benefit from the courses and enjoy them too. The range of material offered, and the willingness to adapt it to meet our needs, means that ARA is now a core component of our researcher development programmes.

Working with ARA is a real pleasure; they go the extra mile and have a genuine approach to making a difference.
Daniela Bultoc, UCL Research Staff Development Lead